Thursday, March 22, 2012

Island Jade new collection

For the past few weeks the weather had been pretty ugly here in Sydney, so I was very happy when on that particular morning the sun was shining again. The shooting took place in a huge house in Darling Point. After talking to the owner of the brand/designer Meagan Sachr, I knew it would be a very fast pace all day long. There were lots of outfits to shoot and not too much time to do it.
Having that in mind, I immediately knew that I had to discard the possibility of an elaborated type of lighting. The key now was to keep things as simple as possible to allow me to move faster inside the house from one spot to another. This is why I decided to use a single flash or just the available light in almost every situation.
It made it easier to go from the backyard to the balcony, for example. Ali and Dimity, the models, had to change outfits really fast, so that, when I finished shooting one girl, the other one was ready to go.
If I had to do it again, I would definitely do more up front preparation and research before I even put a foot in the house on the shooting day. But this was one of those times, when due to a short deadline, tight schedules, among many other reasons, we couldn't find the proper time needed to run this type of shooting smoothly. At the end though.. Not only, we finished shooting all the outfits on time, also our work really paid off and Meagan and myself were very pleased with the result.

The new collection of Island Jade is already available on their website, so go now and have a look.

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