Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Launching of AB AETERNO in Sydney

For the last 5 weeks I've been working 20 hours a day on a couple of projects including the preparation for the launch of a new brand of Italian designed wood watches.
Actually, at first, I was only hired to do a time lapse. I tried to show the watches, a little bit of the city and of course the sense of time. Good luck trying to shoot that in the rainiest summer ever! I would love to share the time lapse with you guys but there is a big chance that the video might be displayed at the opera house, so let’s wait to see if that happens. Ab Aeterno watches were launched during the Reed Gift Fairs at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre on February 25th
After that time lapse, the owner was so pleased with the result that he asked me to take care of the shootings for the website, and the brochures. I was also filming and documenting the whole process, which involved a lot of people.
A couple of nights ago, I received some amazing news from Marco Tommasoni (owner of the company), saying that they sold out the watches here in Sydney and already have orders from Tasmania, Queensland, and also from New Zealand! So the work is still going on, and the website will be ready soon, so I'll keep you posted! You have to see these watches, they are awesome!... I already have mine! :)

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