Sunday, April 15, 2012

New art work from Gravy Cartel at the Gallery

I want to start this post apologising because I should have posted this information ages ago. In my defence, I have to blame the easter break and my lovely family from Peru who is visiting me this month :)
After a relaxed lunch a couple of weeks ago in Newtown with The Gravy Cartel, I took some photos of their new design on T shirts (hoodies are coming soon) and also on canvas and prints. They are using the classic and beautiful image of Marilyn as the main core of inspiration, so check their website
And that inspiration also reaches the line of light boxes. You can see all prices of the canvas, artwork, clothes, and the light boxes in the Gravy Cartel online shop here. You can also just come over to the Gallery, 95 Sydney Rd, Manly, to see them by yourself, I would be happy to show you all the products.

As always, If you like the designs, the artwork and want to support local artist, help us to spread the word and share this link :)

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