Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fine Art Printing

Professionals photographers like to print their own work, that's a fact, and I am not the exception. And this is because printing is a more complex process that you think. A monitor is a back-lit, emitting device, whereas a print is a reflective surface and as a result, what you see on the monitor will never look exactly the same as what you see in print. There is a lot of variables to consider like image definition, colour modes, custom profiles, monitor and printer calibration, ink type, paper type and the list goes on and on.

This is why I bought a Canon IPF 6100 large format printer. But what does this mean to you? It means I can offer you the best printer in the market, a handpicked range of media surfaces (canvas, gloss, semi gloss, matt) and the skills and knowledge to turn your digital image from on-screen vision to a glorious printed reality that you can hang on the wall. Contact me if you want to know about pricing and the range of fine art papers that I use, and print your memories with the highest quality possible.

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