Monday, March 11, 2013

Confluencias: Australian & Latin American Art

Finally the day has come, and the "Camera Obscura Project" I started in August 2012 is gonna see the light as part of  "Confluencias: Australian & Latin American Art". This exhibition is made possible by a partnership with the General Consulates of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. And is gonna be hosted by the Museum of Freemasonry (MoF) - 66, Goulburn Street, Level 3, from 18 March to 7 April (Monday to Friday) 9:30 - 17:00. 

Above is the Press Release:


In order to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the first Grand Lodge in NSW & ACT, the Museum of Freemasonry (MoF) in Sydney presents the exhibition Confluencias: Australian & Latin American Art, which will showcase works by contemporary Australian and Latin American artist. Their works will mingle and merge with MoF's imposing permanent collection. Objects of art and artefacts within the Museum include portraits, lithographs, panels, silverware, medals, swords, pottery, symbols and logos; traditional paraphernalia of historical significance. Embedded within ancient Masonic ritual and rite the Museum's collection will morph into synthesis with twenty first Century objects of art. 

This innovative way juxtaposing and viewing and reviewing art, will add depth to the context in which the contemporary works can be interpreted, while exploring philosophical ideas, metaphor, and symbolism common to both. Presenting contemporary art in the Museum's collection is a fascinating and a creative curatorial model. One that serves to transport the imagination: The contemporary and fine art works will seem to either merge or stand-alone. This model in the context of the Museum's collection generates new perspectives of thinking and doing. In this sense, art is presented as unpredictable, challenging and effervescent.

Australian and Latin American Art

Latin American art exhibited in Australia generates the opportunity for artistic encounter: A coming together or confluence of artistic ideas. Contemporary Latin American works will be seen and interpreted through a confluence of thoughts, signs and ideas when viewed and presented alongside MOF's collection.

The exhibition will look at the practice of some Australian artists while on residency projects in Latin American countries; and at works by Latin American artists working in Australia. Frequently their approach is universal and contemporary, while remaining Latin American at its core.

Australian artists not linked to Latin America are also presented in the exhibition. Their works afford a different standpoint when considering the issues that haunt mainstream contemporary life. Topics such as identity, migration, the sense of loss and belonging; and the acquiescence of local and intercontinental culture. For many people these issues remain an unrelenting challenge to contemporary life. They represent a contemporary predicament, inherited from the twentieth Century. Art has a powerful role to play in society. The voice of the artist can resonate and inspire. It becomes an astonishing enactment, a demonstration of solidarity."

I hope see you guys there.


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