Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Be indispensable. Be an artist

Today I was about to write about some videos I recently did, but for the last week I couldn't stop thinking about the fascinating point of view of Seth Godin and what it means to be an artist, how they are indispensable and why society needs them.  

From all the books I have read..  Linchpin is the first one that start with a very scary premise, that we're all, at some level brainwashed by the system since we are kids. From school to be more specific. That we were trained to fit in a system that rewards obedience and punishes creativity.  Pretty hard statement right? 

But the thing I love most is the final message: Not anymore. This is an opportunity. Time to be indispensable, to be  an artist in what you do. It doesn't matter if you are a engineer a photographer, or a barista in a coffee shop.., If you use your creativity to bring something to the world that touches someone or changes someone in any way and you do it as a gift.. you become an artist.

I usually write about my work, and I'm pretty much always talking about photography, movies, cameras etc, but I found the messages and ideas of that book so relevant, important and powerful that I felt compelled to share how good I felt after I read it. People say your body reflects what you eat, and the mind is no different, so try to feed it with the best content you can. Keep your mind inspired.

In April I wrote about how amazing and fascinating is the time we are living in now, but I wrote it from my photographer perspective. The truth is that these are amazing and fascinating times for everyone who want to stand out, it doesn't matter your field. It's up to you.

Anyone with half a brain knows there are 2 types of people: people who lead, and people who follow. You don't even have to read a book to agree on that one. Which one do you want to be? 


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