Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camera Obscura

A couple of days ago, I was going through a notebook I usually use to put my thoughts and ideas on paper. I use it to write possible photography projects that I think are interesting to explore. I was reading some of the ideas I wrote in August 2011, exactly one year ago. One of those, like a bunch of others, was accumulating dust: The camera obscura.  

Just the name brings back some memories from my very first photography class, around eight years ago. That same class where my teacher showed me how to build a photographic camera with a shoe box, a photographic paper and a tiny hole in the box.

This exact same concept, was used during the Renaissance period as a drawing support for painters, but on a bigger scale of course. They used an entire dark room with a little hole in one of the walls. This is how it works, the light goes through the hole and strikes the opposite inside wall where the image from outside, is projected upside down. A couple of centuries later, they traded the room for a small box with mirrors inside. 

So, a year ago, I tried that concept in my own bedroom. The photo on the top is the result. And if we look at the photo again but upside down, you can see the view I have from my bedroom.
I don't remember the reason why I put that project on hold for so long. My intention, as far as I remember ,was to start a series of portraits of people, in their own bedrooms, with the view they see every morning, projected on them. To me it’s a portrait that tells a deeper story.

I decided to now continue that project. I guess I will start with friends, but I would love to do it with people I don't know at all, and see the final result on a print. Volunteers for a portrait are very welcome. 



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