Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lets put some knowledge in practice

For the last year I've been teaching myself all I can about filmmaking. The last 3 months I've been taking film courses, reading several books about filmmaking, colour grading, editing, etc. So finally I think its time to put some of that knowledge in practice.

I've been dedicating the last few weeks to write my first script and I think it's ready. Of course I know I'm not a writer, and I don't pretend to be one... but for my first short film I want to be involved in the whole process. I want to put myself in the shoes of the writer, the camera man, the editor, the sound guy, etc. Being a one man band for this film will teach me what I should expect in the future from different positions in a larger crew. Tell the story the way I want to tell it, and drive the audience to that particular place I have in mind, will be a real challenge. Now, I did my homework and I can't wait to do this.

So, basically.., I have this week left to polish the details of the story, break down the script, and make a list of everything I need, to execute it. Check what kind of gear I need to shoot each scene, what kind of time I'm gonna need for each scene, find the locations etc. And after I'm done with that list... I will start contacting you guys for favours :) 

But for sure I can say right now that if you have or know anybody who has a nice house here in the northern beaches...  and if you don't mind having a couple of actors, cameras, maybe 1 or 2 helpers and myself shooting for a few hours :) please let me know. No rush.. it's not for this weekend or the next one, just let me know, I promise it will be hell lot of fun! 



Anonymous said...

Chato... chotero de mierda. Te voy a ir a visitar para que me filmes un video. Shaggy.

Mauricio De la Rocha G said...

Hacemos un largometraje si quieres! Un abrazo de gol viejo! yew