Monday, June 11, 2012

New lingerie range from Mariesa Mae

HOT HOT HOT! that is a good way to describe the new lingerie range from Mariesa Mae. This is a BTS from last April, when photographer Petter Karlstrom was doing the photo shoot, and I was hired to make a video documenting the whole day. It definitely was a very fun monday. Working with Petter is always fun, and Mariesa and the rest of the crew whom I met on that day were awesome. After a long day of shooting inside the Ivy, we wrapped everything and only one thing was in my head.. which song can I use? I went home, uploaded the footage, and went to bed still thinking about it.

Next morning I was having breakfast in front of the computer and started browsing different songs, and before I finished my coffee... bam! I found this track and I knew it, this was the one! I started importing everything into my editing suite, then separating the clips in two categories: one where the models are getting ready, and the second one when they have their make up and hair done. The track gives me a nice building up beat to play with, so I decided to colour grade the first half in cooler tones , and the second half, when the models are in character wearing the outfit, in warmer tones (kinda vintage, old school look). Everything fit surprisingly so smoothly that I couldn't nor wanted to stop. I changed the rhythm a couple of times, following the music and it worked pretty well. I finished the credits around midnight and delivered the video by Wednesday morning.

Hope you guys like it, you can see photos if this new line very soon at:

PS: if you have good speakers.. please crank the volume and watch it full screen 

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