Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Got a dark side?.. please read this

The Gravy Cartel and myself are starting a new project... Basically, for the project’s first stage shoot, we are looking for a girl, experience not essential. If you have a "dark side" and are keen to be involved with something a little edgy and different from the norm this could be for you…The final product won't just be a photo though, this is a chance to be part of something fresh, with multiple creative mediums from photos and canvas work to lightbox display and design. Gravy Cartel and this Gallery are not just a growing brand but a staunch representation of local artists with a desire to showcase and promote a creative difference. If you have checked out our current exhibition with artist Kerry MacArthur then you can imagine what the final product may look like. The plan is to do another exhibition at the end of it of course ;) if anyone is interested in collaborating please text or call me directly: 0415639223, and I will explain the project with more detail.

It's all Gravy.

Mauricio De la Rocha G - Fine Art Gallery & The Gravy Cartel

"Proudly supporting local artist"

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