Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Re.View - Opening Day: January 22th!!

Re.View brings together an eclectic collection of works by emerging and established local artists.

The question of how we perceive ourselves; Our life, Our death is wrestled into being with oils, photography, watercolour, inks and ash. So different are the approaches of each artist that the works in the exhibition coalesce powerfully on a single trajectory: that of perception.

With works as inspired and diverse as the artists who create them, Re.View explores who we are and where we come from. The very fact that these divergent works stand together draws the viewer to an inexorable conclusion: We are, with all our individuality, still children of this earth: we are born into this world and face the frightening wonder of this life head-on, until the day we die.

This show is an artist-run exhibition where the works are presented by those who created them, a great opportunity to meet local artists!

So like always, you and your mates are more than welcome to drop by on Saturday January 22th for the opening day at 95 Sydney Rd. Everything will be kicking off around 5.00; drinks will also be provided for all.

Artists: Richard Friar, Misha Donohoe, Eli Faen, Sean Thompson

See you on Saturday!


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