Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from Bellingen

Well, after a couple of days to recover after the weekend of pouring rain and torrential drinking at Bellingen's Global Carnival (or rather, the local Pub, The Federal) I can now post a couple of photos from the week away to Bellingen.

Awesome place, awesome people, awesome beaches... bummer it was such crapy weather over the last few days though. As a result of the weather I didn't have the chance to take the camera out to much, but on the Friday I was able to take some shots very early in the morning

We had to postpone the shooting for plasidapparel, weather resulting, and the Global festival was canceled on Sunday because of flash flooding... The question remaining then was a simple one, as the answer to it: what you can do when the rain doesn't want to stop? Yes... hit the local bar! All the week! I blame the rain of course....


Anonymous said...

mauri te felicicto por tus fotos!!! me encantan!!
por donde andas??
te dejo un beso enorme y espero te este yendo muy bien!!!

Mauricio De la Rocha G said...

Heey Gleeen, linda como andas??? Yo estoy viviendo en Australia desde hace poco mas de un anio!... caete a visitarme!! te mando mil besos y aver si me escribes para contarme en q andas!! besote